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Over the past two decades, I’ve developed and run a number of businesses, including an organic cleaning company, an employment agency, a finance and property investment consultancy, a wealth training company, two social enterprises and a work-life balance consultancy. I’ve done all this while bringing up a growing family. Along the way I’ve been honoured to receive several awards and have been recognised as one of America’s leading experts thanks to my contribution to a best-selling book – New Rules of Success It hasn’t been an easy ride. I’ve bounced back from some serious challenges over the years, both personal and professional. But I’ve learnt from every difficulty, becoming wiser and more resilient, and have never lost my sense of humour. Now I’m dedicated to sharing the benefit of my experience with others. In 2011 I set up SG Business Consultancy & Training to share some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way with other enterprising women. I also provide coaching and mentoring and speak at events.

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