Dear Sapphire, I would like to personally thank you for getting involved and promoting the value of strategic advice to small business.

I am a firm believer that professional advice contributes to a businesses’ ability to grow. We know that in 2012, over 73,000 small businesses benefitted from some form of external advice. That is why I created the Growth Vouchers programme to encourage even more businesses to make a real impact on their performance.

I want more small businesses to take advantage of the expert advice you offer; enabling more firms to benefit from half price advice by applying for a Growth Voucher. So I am writing to let you know about the changes we are making to open up the programme to more small businesses and our payment commitments to you. The attachment gives more information on these changes, along with a set of digital materials, including a quote from me that you can use. Can I ask for your help to promote the Growth Vouchers programme using such channels as Twitter, LinkedIn, your website and e-newsletters, helping more small firms to grow as well as helping your own business to reach new clients.

Please add your own examples and experience of using the Growth Vouchers programme to show the impact you have had in helping businesses grow.

Thank you in advance for your support – together we can make this an even more successful programme.